Hot off the Letterpress


It’s not often we get a chance for a studio excursion, or an opportunity to get our hands dirty when creating work. But when you have a team of paper-loving designers, a girl who knows how to letterpress and a man in need of an invitation, sometimes the planets just align.

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Last Thursday we escaped the city and ventured out to Terrace Press, deep in the ‘burbs of West Pennant Hills. With a sweet little set up of two Heidelberg Windmill presses and the cutest companion known to man, Alex gave us free reign in her recently opened studio for us to print an invitation for our studio friend Chris’ 40th 29th birthday. Using some fancy tricks like a gradient ink, overprinting and edge-painting, Liv (the newest member of our team) worked her (mad) skill(z), making an incredibly complicated piece of machinery look like a breeze. With accomplices Sam and Martin lending a hand, we were able to bring to life a fun little project that playfully celebrates Chris’ uncanny ability to turn 29 every single year.



Enmore Talks. Erin Talks.


Earlier this week one of our designers, Erin Hoffman, was invited to talk at the Enmore Design Centre for their quarterly Enmore Talks – a forum that brings together several speakers from the industry to discuss a given topic. This year’s theme was on “Design’s Future”. An ex-student of Enmore, Erin’s work and recent accolades placed her in a good position to inspire and equip the students with the knowledge and know-how to succeed in the transition from college to industry.

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Preparing students for the future, she focused on these 3 areas and their implications:



Nails were chewed, knees were weak, palms were sweaty, and that was whilst she was still at her desk. Fortunately taking her own advice saw her through the presentation with loads of great feedback. Good onya Erin.
EnmoreHero_5 EnmoreHero_6

IAG Reconciliation Action Plan Wins


This morning we woke up to the news that our IAG RAP picked up a Silver cube at the New York Art Directors Club awards last night. An institution running for over 90 years, ADC is globally recognised for its commitment to celebrating and championing the importance of craftsmanship in design and elevating the standard of work we see in that process. We’re excited to be honoured in their selection and to see our IAG piece on solving the inequality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians receive some international attention.

Our April Fools’ confession

Brand Permanence_cover4

(Quiet on set)

At RE we are all about remarkable thought, and particularly enjoy when that ’thought’ leaves room for a laugh.

It was in this vein that we decided to jump on the band wagon of April 1st, the topic of brand permanence in our sights.

(Roll tape)

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The idea of ‘brand longevity’ has long been a point of discussion in our industry. Michael Johnson articulately raised it on his blog back in 2008. Is a flexible morphic brand that reflects the ever-changing tides of fickle social interest the way forward, or will the monolithic giants live to rule another day?

Who really knows? There is no ‘one-shoe-fits-all’ solution. Which we find ruddy refreshing.

(Cue: dancing monkeys)

We would like to have it down on record that despite our articulation on film, we promise (Scout’s honour) that we are not a bespectacled bearded cult kneeling down to a brain washed central belief system that is a tattooed team.

We do however, worship at the altar that is a good idea.

This is what we aimed to achieve on Tuesday: to take the mickey out of ourselves (and the associated corporate jargon). Did we have you believing? Guffawing? Or a revered WTF!? Either way, we hope it made a mark on your day.

(Fade to credits)

DISCLAIMER: No hipsters were harmed in the making of this film.

Director’s notes: There were so many hands in this box of popcorn it’s hard to acknowledge everyone involved. However there are a few that went the extra mile and worked tirelessly for four days; to write, direct and craft the final edit of our little film ­ Erin, Alex and Sam McPint. And let’s not forget our live canvas – yes real ink was pressed into skin – ­Anna, who donated her arm for the cause and came away with an addition to her tattoo collection.

We need copywriters

Copywriters-headerWe’re looking for great writers to join our team.

If you love writing, love branding and want to work on amazing projects with people who are passionate, talented and also smell quite lovely, we’d like to hear from you. We’re ideally looking for mid-weight freelancer candidates.

Send three of your favourite pieces to



We love our JasonL office furniture characters and it seems they are winning hearts all around the world.

REBRAND 100® Global Awards is the first and most respected recognition for repositioned brands.
We were chuffed to find out our JasonL rebrand had taken out Best in Show. We couldn’t be happier for our cute little office furniture buddies.

Two more of our projects were awarded this year as well. Ayers Rock Resort and Melbourne Recital Centre both received Distinctions.

You can see all the winners here (high fives to all) and thanks to REBRAND.


JasonL_3 postersbizcard4 melb2






On Saturday morning we woke to the news our work for Visualaz had picked up In Book at this years D&AD. The film production studio based in New York picked up a slice of pencil in the small identity category.

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Out of over 25,000 pieces across various categories, only 600 or so got in. That’s around 0.3%. It was a great way to start the weekend and hopefully the start of many more awards for Visualaz.

Thanks to D&AD and congratulations to all other In-Bookers and Nominations.