Senior Strategist 

RE is seeking a disciplined and inspiring leader to join the business as Senior Strategist.  Reporting to the Strategy Director, this role will be part of the strategic offering for the RE business, including liaison with the M&C Saatchi planning team on integrated clients.

It is preferred the candidate come from a brand or management consulting background, rather than a traditional communications planning background. A mixture will be considered.  A broad scope of strategic competencies is necessary, from corporate brand strategy to change and organisational development (CVP, EVP, Portfolio Strategy, Brand Architecture, Customer Experience mapping).

A proven and unshakeable tenacity to work collaboratively with creative leaders and teams to deliver game changing creative is fundamental for success.

Sound like you? Contact Benjamin Harrison on

A year of Yes


It has been just over a year since the launch of Optus. The dust may have settled after the big reveal but our work alongside Optus has not. We continue to collaborate on numerous projects from big to small, allowing us to experiment, explore and stretch the brand into new and exciting areas. Some we never quite saw coming.

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We thought we would share a few of our favourite projects that really show how Optus is making a difference in the corporate blandscape and building on its new found principles.

The first is Optus Golf. The day allows Optus Senior Management to network with their strategic partners, as well as helping financially support Optus Charity partners, specifically Kids helpline.

Golf-Challenge-BannerOptus_Overview Optus_GolfBall Optus_Golf_T-Shirt

We gave 3 beige and bland Optus Satellites on top of their HQ (that can be seen across campus) a new look. Adding some nifty tone of voice and of course…our brand character. Simple but effective. Optus_Satellites_1Optus_Satellites_Dishy Optus_Satellites_phonehome

We also built a large Iconography library to work across every facet of the Optus business.

Optus_Iconography_1 Optus_Iconography_12 Optus_Iconography_13 Optus_Iconography

Our Christmas Cards for Optus last year were a hit, showing our brand character in all his glory.


And finally, the humble office recycling bin given the Optus once over.





1825 days in the making.

12 designers.

8 nervous breakdowns.

4 design directors.

3 complete overhauls.

2 client service.

1 managing director.

1 creative director.

1 dream = web presence.

We present to you: our website (alpha)



The Ballsies 2014


Another year, another Ballsies. Judged by some of Australia’s leading creative directors, The Ballsies is our annual awards program, rewarding our team for demonstrating ‘ballsy’ behaviour both in work and culture. This year’s identity centred on the idea: What’s ballsier than telling the truth?

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See, there’s nothing quite like awards nights for being all sizzle and no sausage. While they’re a great opportunity to celebrate achievement, they’re also just a little self-involved. So along with an awareness campaign and merchandise, the Official Guide to the Ballsies took the brave stance of holding a mirror up to awards nights and revealing some of the deeper realities.


First and foremost though, the Ballsies is a time for celebration. And lawn bowls. And bow ties. And strange man-wigs.


Big thanks to our guest judges:

Ben Miles – Interbrand
Christopher Doyle – Christopher Doyle & Co
Graham Barton – Folk
Brad Stevens – Born & Raised

Check out our Behance to see more from our Ballsies identity case study.


The Best Design Awards

bestdesign 100

The Best Design Awards have finished accepting entries as they get ready for judging in early August.

Re Creative Director Jason Little will head over the ditch to take part on the jury for Product, Interactive, Spatial, and Graphic.

If the work is anything like previous years, it’s going to be of a scarily high calibre.

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The Best in each category get a Gold Pin, whilst the very best project in each discipline will be awarded the supreme, Purple Pin for work that raises the bar of New Zealand design. Didn’t we get spoons once in AGDA? A pin sounds cooler. Or a pinnacle. One of them would be nice.

You can follow the event and get wind of the winners shortlist on twitter @bestawards @designersinst

As part of the event preparations, Jason was given a quick interrogation just to be sure he wasn’t the rugby player.

Here’s his answers:

1.    Why design?

To solve little problems.

To solve big problems.

To change the world, or at least try to.

To make things better.

To make things more beautiful.

To make things more user-friendly.

To live a life full of ideas and creative challenges.

To be happy.

2.    What influences you and your design practice?

Thinking beyond the graphic. Design in a greater sense. Solving bigger problems,and looking to make a real difference. Whatever it takes to solve a problem and do so in an innovative and original manner. Aiming to Create work that changes perceptions, gets a reaction, and makes people take notice.

We’re always aware and influenced in some way by what’s going on at any given moment – It’s what you do with that knowledge and awareness.

The people that make up Re are our own biggest influence to anything we do. What they see, read, write, think – it all adds up to the collective mind of the agency, and therefore the output.

3.    What’s something you read on the internet and never forgot?

“Whoever came up with the new Melbourne Logo needs to have their eyes poked out with a wooden spoon” – Bit harsh.

4.    Favourite piece of design, and why?

2012 Olympics. Most memorable and talked about piece of branding in the past decade:

Broke all the rules; Made ugly acceptable; Changed the industry forever; Inspired designers and clients to be braver. Opened up the possibilities for many agencies and clients.

5.    What’s the website you obsessively visit?

Coastalwatch everyday (surf check). (website/app)

The usual social media (twitter, instagram etc)

Brandnew probably.

Behance maybe.

Disciples of Design – once in a while

Fastcodesign – usually through a twitter link.

6.    What studio do you dream of working at?

In the past and in the first 10 years of designing, it was the proven and the innovators. Pentagram. The Partners. Frost. Wolff Olins. Studio Dumbar. & IDEO. Now that I run a business, Those dreams are about my own studio: How to create game-changing work? How to stay relevant? How to make a difference in the world? How to keep it fun?

7.    What’s interesting about New Zealand design?

It seems to be less bound by constraints, however I’m sure that’s just a perception based on a handful of pieces that float on the internet and award shows. Nearly every designer believes the grass is greener in other countries, the former thought is probably not true about design opportunities, but i bet your regular garden grass is a shade greener. Perhaps you have great creative salesmen in NZ, who know how to speak to clients and sell brilliant thinking. The definite truth is that the irreverence and play that exists in NZ pervades through the work – It’s refreshingly honest and entertaining.

8.    What does the future bring?

Who knows? By focusing on the people around me, the clients I work with and the thinking I apply to the problems in front of me, I’m hoping it brings satisfaction of a life well lived. It definitely brings some surf, and that’s good enough to keep me content.

9.   What can design fix?

Design is about making something better. It can fix a lot of things, including some things we didn’t even know were broken. Design can change the world. If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t spend my life designing.

Brand New Awards


We’re proud to announce that two of our brands (Optus & Jason L) have won in the ‘Comprehensive Identity Program’ section of the 2013 Brand New Awards.

For those that don’t know, Brand New is a division of UnderConsideration. It exists to chronicle and provide opinions on corporate and brand identity work covering designs of well-known products, companies, and organizations.

Our certificates have just arrived (thanks Armin and the team at Brand New) and a hearty congratulations to all the other winners.


Where leaders turn


The Confidante is a group of highly successful CEOs, providing tailored executive coaching and mentoring services. In a nutshell, they work directly with business leaders to ascertain barriers to professional success. They then draw on their extensive network to find the people who can help their client move forward.

The Confidante’s work is by its very nature, confidential. The identity is designed around the idea of discretion – a place where leaders turn. The logo mark references its name as well as its offering through the use of the “C” turned to resemble a keyhole, and a person within. Subtle and sophisticated, the mark is descriptive and suggestive.

The communications use subtle messaging embedded within longer copy through the use of italics, ie. ‘business is who you know’. Typographic illustrations utilise negative space to reveal additional meaning. By emphasising The Confidante’s discreet nature, the identity reassures clients that their business is their business.

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Business cardConf3

Embedded messaging






Launch event invitationConf6Conf5

Corporate literature
Conf7 Conf8
Conf11 Conf10

Given the nature and sensitivity of management training and education, we were tasked with portraying a sophisticated organisation – a discreet and powerful network of industry leaders that can remedy the failures of leadership or encourage future growth.