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AGDA First Five Out


Our Senior Design Alex recently spoke at AGDA’s First Five Out.
The event is a forum for creatives to discuss their various disciplines, share their struggles and their successes over the first few years of their career.
Alex talked about the shift in his opinions on Graphic Design and Branding since he graduated, questioning the real purpose and audiences we are designing for.
Thanks to AGDA for having us, and well done to all the other speakers.

First Five Out – Alex Creamer from AGDA on Vimeo.

How do you reposition a telco to meet the needs of the Netflix generation?

OptusYes06_2Yes Illustration by Gemma O’Brien

It’s 2016. Australia is the world’s biggest Game of Thrones pirate, telcos are considered a commodity and Netflix has transformed the way people watch TV.

Optus, Australia’s second largest telco, is embarking upon an aggressive change strategy, expanding from delivering telecommunications to creating rich customer experiences with an emphasis on entertainment. Re was asked to create a new brand, fit for this bold new world. The new positioning places Optus’s iconic ‘Yes’ in the hands of its customers. The brand is shifting from saying ‘Yes’ to creating ‘Yes Moments’ for customers. When Optus gets things right, the response from the customer is ‘Yes’. Conceived as a digitally native brand, the new identity pares back design elements to let entertainment speak for itself. The brand expression feels bigger, bolder and lives through music, sport and TV content. With a brand as relevant and compelling as the content it delivers, Optus is rewriting the rules on what a telco can be. The new brand strives to inspire people with what Optus can make possible.

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Optus is the second largest telecommunications provider in Australia offering mobile, fixed and broadband services to consumer and business customers. In 2013, Re introduced a new brand for Optus. As an antidote to the market leader Telstra, the new brand focused on righting the wrongs of telco and being the consumer champion. It disrupted the category with its playful typography and Olly – a character who played the role of the customers’ wingman. This rebrand achieved its goal of reenergising Optus as the challenger to Telstra and helped regain significant market share.

OptusYes01_Typography in collaboration with Dave Foster.

Yes Moments
In 1992, Optus introduced their brand promise, ‘Yes’, in the face of Telstra’s no. Today, ‘Yes’ is still a strong brand asset but over time has lost meaning. For the rebrand, we elevated ‘Yes’ to give it a more defined role. When FedEx CEO, Frederick W. Smith, realised it wasn’t packages they were delivering but peace of mind, that’s when the Fedex brand started to make sense; and it’s the same for Optus. Rather than delivering gigabytes to mobile phones, they deliver ‘Yes Moments’ to customers. Those moments 
 in life when you feel more excited and more alive.

Amplifying Yes
To give Yes a stronger presence, we decoupled it from the logo and made it a brand expression all of its own. The ‘Yes mark’ represents the voice of the customer, hence being rendered as a hand drawn script. If Optus makes ‘Yes Moments’ happen for their customers then the response will be Yes. 
In short, Yes is the answer to everything customers want – even before they know it.  Importantly, Yes is not a logo – it’s a brand expression. Similarly to Toyota’s ‘Oh, what a feeling’ and the Nike swoosh, it’s an expression used to amplify the feeling of the brand – ‘Yes’. Representing the customers’ excitement, the ‘Yes mark’ is incredibly free, playful and expressive. It’s emblazoned across our communications, it wraps itself around things it loves and even dances 
in animation. Creative agencies are encouraged to be playful and expressive 
with its application.

Yes logo Typography in collaboration with Dave Foster.

OptusYes07Mark Wahlberg photography directed by With Collective

Video produced by Emotive

Artist installations
During launch week, we commissioned four Australian artists to produce live Yes murals in flagship stores across Australia. Gemma O’Brien, Bafcat, Numskull and We Buy Your Kids were asked to interpret the ‘Yes mark’ in their own way to produce large canvas that will later be used across on carrier bags and other brand assets.

OptusYes03Clockwise from top left: Bafcat, We Buy Your Kids, Numskull, Gemma O’Brien

Animation by Buck, Sydney

Animation by Buck, Sydney

A new direction for Optus.
Flash forward to 2016 and Optus is changing again in light of a major business transformation. Since 2013, the market has shifted. Telco technology is now viewed as a commodity rather than a differentiator. If they stay the same Optus risks being seen as the ‘pipe’ that carries content for other players. For Optus it’s no longer good enough to just deliver data to mobile phones at better value. They need to focus on creating meaningful experiences for customers, putting innovation front and centre. For Optus this means a big focus on entertainment. To support this new direction, Optus has forged relationships with Netflix and Stan, launched its own set-top box (Yes TV by Fetch) and made huge news in the media by buying the exclusive rights to the English Premier League (that’s soccer for any Americans reading). Optus is on a mission to forge a new kind of category where telco meets broadcaster. Re was engaged to transform the brand to signal a significant transformation. The new brand needed to be more tonally diverse, more entertainment focused and less playful. Optus doesn’t want to be associated with other telcos – it wants to hang with the cool kids (Netflix, Facebook, Spotify). Olly and his charming world had fulfilled their purpose of positioning Optus as a customer champion. Now it was time for Olly to step aside.

Built to evolve at the speed of culture
The fast-moving nature of entertainment meant this brand would need to evolve at the speed of culture. The previous brand had such a strongly defined core aesthetic that it struggled to evolve with the needs of communications. For the rebrand, we took a new approach by introducing an additional layer outside the core identity which we call the playground. Governed by principles, rather than guidelines, the playground is where the brand gets to stretch its legs, play and push in new directions as the needs of customers and the business change. This meant leaving some parts of the identity open to evolution.

We achieved this with the idea of ‘brand worlds’ for different parts of the brand – essentially skins on the core identity, tailored to the audience they’re trying to reach. For example Music feels different to TV & Movies which feels different to business, yet with a backbeat that’s distinctly Optus. This way we can evolve the brand aesthetic over time without having to rebrand every few years.


OptusYes12Entertainment wall illustration by Resolution

Entertainment TVC By M&C Saatchi


Yes TV by Fetch
Your one-stop, non-stop world of entertainment
To cement their entertainment offer, Optus launched their flagship set-top box in partnership with local entertainment provider, Fetch. ‘Yes TV by Fetch’ allows you to watch, pause and record live TV, stream online content through Netflix and Stan and access premium on-demand and exclusive content through a variety of channels.


Another major piece of the entertainment offer is music. Nowadays, people consume music through streaming services yet this inevitably chews through data plans, leading to unhappy customers. Digital music is broken so to fix things Optus announced data-free streaming on Spotify, Google 
Play, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Guvera 
for pre-paid customers – an Australian first. Optus has also created a music portal 
 in partnership with Universal Music to showcase Universal Artists.

OptusYes15OptusYes16Photography directed by Emotive


OptusYes17Optus Music website by Made in Katana

OptusYes26Football wall Illustration by Dan Leydon

OptusYes19Usain Bolt wall Photography directed by The Works



Football TVC featuring Idris Elba By M&C Saatchi

OptusYes22 OptusYes23 OptusYes24 OptusYes25 OptusYes27 OptusYes28 OptusYes29 OptusYes30

Brands are living, breathing entities that live in the same world as consumers and seek our love and adoration. In order to engage their audiences and stay relevant, brands need to be built as evolving platforms for expression. The new Optus brand has been built to this philosophy. As a brand that’s all about entertainment, this brand is plugged into the current. Always changing, always relevant, always surprising. This is a brand built to move at the speed of culture.

Love the Run – The Athletes Foot

Alongside M&C Saatchi we have just launched The Athletes Foot campaign ‘Love the Run’. In an ongoing partnership with TAF we have helped reposition them as Australia’s first choice for running shoes. Understanding that every runner is different: each has a different running style, runs a different route and needs a different shoe.

No two runs are the same and The Athlete’s Foot celebrates all the types of everyday runs you get out of perfectly fitted running shoes – Love the Run and Love the Fit at The Athlete’s Foot.

Narrabeen_Secondary_TAF_20160118_0958 Narrabeen_Secondary_TAF_20160118_1139 Night_Secondary_TAF_20160119_1777Imagery

Tim Denton — Director
Ben Jasper – DOP
Brett Hemmings — Photographer

21 Years of M&C Saatchi

1995. The year two guys in a hotel room, with two clients – Qantas and British Airways – and the funding of a personal credit card launched M&C Saatchi Australia. Although industry pundits gave the pair less than 12 months, 21 years later M&C Saatchi continues to be a leading force in Australian advertising.

A landmark anniversary in anyones life, let alone that of an agency navigating the ever undulating commercial creative landscape, 21 years called for an apt celebration. Re: and M&C Saatchi set about compiling an anthology to showcase some of the best work the agency has set free into the world.

The black and white aesthetic, now synonymous with the agency’s ethos of brutal simplicity, was employed to make this a bold, shelf-worthy piece of print. The limited edition book was edge printed and vacuum sealed so as to not give away what was inside, yet hint towards the significance of the contents. Sealed in a nickel coloured wrap, symbolic of the 21st anniversary, the block black un-printed cover brought an understated air of intrigue. And with just 1000 copies printed, the final piece was a fitting compilation for such creative heavyweights.

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